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Aerospace & Defense Programs

Aviation Week’s A&D Programs
November 19-20, 2014
Litchfield Park, AZ


Applying Precision to Program Planning, Execution

Join aerospace and defense program leaders as they come together to evaluate program performance— learn best practices in tackling efficiency and cost, strategy, and supply chain. This two-day event will provide:

  • Current analysis of defense/space market environment
  • Guidance to companies as they prepare to execute/supply to meet future space/defense program requirements
  • Lessons learned and best practices to improve overall defense/space program performance

With the budgetary situation gaining definition, program leaders now face the task: adjust/adapt with speed and agility, refine program processes and methods, and address emerging requirements in innovative new ways that combine investment with new business models.

Register today for the only event of its kind with total focus on:

  • Engineering and Innovation
  • Strategy & Forecast
  • Program Performance
  • Program Updates/Reviews

Featuring:  Interactive Media Gallery with podcasts, videos, downloads and more!

The Awards bring together program executives, their customer counterparts, and leaders from across the industry in a gala event designed to recognize the best in performance and leadership.  This year’s nominees will share lessons learned throughout the conference.  Sign up to attend and find out who the winners are!

For questions concerning the awards, including submissions, please contact Carole Hedden at 505-239-9520 or carole_hedden@aviationweek.com.

Download the 2013 Program Excellence Winners/Finalists/Best Practices
Find out who won and what sets these programs apart.

For the first time- A&D Programs is co-located with the SpeedNews Aerospace & Defense industry Suppliers Conference

Find out about this event and download the A&D fact sheet.


Meet the Aviation Week Team and Learn How We can Help You Grow Your Business!

Aviation Week has the capabilities, expertise and experience to help organizations within the global A&D market capture business, make informed decisions and grow.

Learn how our newly expanded capabilities — data & analytics and marketing services — can help you generate business and impact ROI.

Click here to schedule a one-on-one meeting or call Laurie Grossman at +1.646.233.4434

We look forward to seeing you in Phoenix!


more information

Editorial Contact:
Carole Rickard Hedden
Special Projects Editor
Phone: +1.505.239.9520

Media/Marketing Opportunities:
Jennifer Roberts
Marketing Services Director
Phone: +1.212.904.4483

Sponsorship/Showcase Opportunities:
Joanna Speed
Managing Director
Phone: +1.424.465.6501

A&D Programs Brochure

Download the A&D Programs Brochure! Interactive features, complete program information and more!

Requires the free Adobe Acrobat Reader XI, available here.

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Agenda Highlights
  • Pivots, Priorities, Programs- an update from the Defense Department
  • The role of quantum computing as a tool in new system development and design.
  • Discussion by Engineering leaders: the requirements for tomorrow’s digital design/development environment.
  • Supply Chain Executives outline the role of data analytics in assessing quality, risk, and new demands.

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